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Professional Services

Our services are listed below. All services include Mac, PC, Linux and can be either departmental or complete front-end to back-end integration. We provide these services to the Fortune 1000, Educational and Government markets on a national basis. We possess dozens of authorizations, many from our start in 1993. Our Professional Services are:

*Best Practices and Benchmarks

Both Operating System and Application software are not perfect so we always build out a workstation or network with the respective vendor's best practices and record our results with benchmarks. We have a lab that dates to Mac Classic/Win95 going forward so we can test a problem file or potential problem and correct it before it is implemented. We have acquired nineteen years of hard earned know-how to maximize these results. We minimize labor by performing planned maintenance via VPN.

*Desktop Publishing and Multimedia

This vertical market segment is processor, memory, and storage intensive, hence all of our workstations and networks are built with the strictest attention-to-detail to eke out every millisecond of speed and throughput. Application integration, color correction, font management, network integration and redundancy are the five factors that must work in synchronization to achieve maximum return on investment. Over the past 32 years we have built and maintained thousands of these systems which proves our methods are most efficient and cost-effective.

*Mac Virtualization

Since moving to the Intel platform, the argument of which OS is better has become a moot point. We regularly build dual OS systems on the Mac platform that combine the best of both creative and business applications.

*Network Security

We provide every facet of network security that includes: Anti-Virus (AV), Anti-Spyware (AS), Content Filtering Service (CFS), Global Management Software (GMS), Intrusion Prevention and Detection, (IPS) (IDS), and Virtual Private Networks (VPN). We can provide solutions protecting Mac, PC, Linux and using most firewalls.

*Platform Integration

As the Mac and iPhone have dramatically grown in market share, the corresponding need to integrate the file sharing capabilities between Mac and PC platforms has become a critical niche. We can either supplement or take over complete responsibility for establishing a sound Mac and PC environment. Once the integration is established, we can reduce labor costs via VPN support.