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Green IT Initiative

Green IT InitiativeMedia Micro's Green IT Initiative is designed to reduce the energy costs and carbon footprint associated with business information technology equipment. Media Micro implements all the best practices and leverages the latest software and hardware advances to accomplish this goal. Our cross-platform, virtualization and datacenter expertise will save you money on upfront equipment costs and significantly reduce your daily energy costs.

Media Micro offers an on-site green audit for data centers and server rooms. For the home user or 9-5 office setup, the following are some quick, do-it-yourself tips for energy saving:

  1. Buy only the electronics you really need. For most office apps, email and browsing, you can get by with an entry-level unit and monitor. One example for PC users is a Lenovo ThinkCentre, or for Apple users a Mac mini. Both have extremely small footprints and use very little desktop energy. Laptops are always a good choice for reduced power consumption.
  2. "Energy Vampires" - A common problem with most electronics is that even though the units are turned off, they still consume power To stop this type of consumption, plug the computer and peripherals into a surge protector. At the end of the day, power down all units and turn off the surge protector.
  3. Utilize your system software settings for efficient power usage. When you are away from your desk for an extended period, such as lunch or a conference, put the unit in stand-by mode.
  4. Purchase an extended warranty. Replacing parts is much easier than replacing the whole unit. This is also more cost effective and produces a smaller carbon footprint.
  5. Virtualize. Still using separate computers to run Mac and PC apps? Combine both operating systems on the Mac by using virtual software such as VMware's Fusion. Instantly your equipment and energy costs are halved. Virtualization also applies to servers as well. You can simultaneously run multiple operating systems on the same server, thereby eliminating the mostly costly equipment in your IT department and achieving dramatic cost and energy savings. Media Micro has embraced virtualization since its introduction and implements this configuration on all network deployments.