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Media Micro: Mac, PC, Linux Consultants

Media Micro was established in 1992 and officially recognized as an LLC in 1993. We are a Chicago-based nationwide consultancy that provides desktop publishing, multimedia, virtualization and cross-platform solutions to the Fortune1000, financial, educational, and government vertical markets. We routinely build and deliver all-Mac, all-PC, or integrated networks with the highest attention-to-detail and best practices for servicing and supporting both onsite and remotely. Please peruse our pages on professional services and about us section for more in-depth descriptions of our services. For further questions or to schedule an appointment, please contact: or call (888) 972-0915. Thank you.

In support of our consulting services we possess dozens of technical sales and support authorizations from all of the major vendors and niche vendors within our vertical markets. These include:
  • Adobe Authorized Reseller
  • Adobe Authorized License Center
  • AVG, Symantec, McAfee, & Sonicwall
  • Belkin partner
  • Dell Partner Direct
  • Extensis Reseller
  • Kerio Authorized
  • Lenovo Business Partner
  • Quark Reseller On-campus
  • Quark Reseller Off-campus
  • NEC Reseller
  • Viewsonic Reseller
  • VMware (VIP) Partner
  • Tandberg Data Partner
  • Xerox
Due to our long-term relationships with our vendors and lack of a store-front, we are able to offer hardware solutions at the lowest possible cost and provide prioritized delivery. We have always been able to save our clients money on fixed hardware costs so that the financial focus is always on providing leading-edge services. These leading-edge services apply to all of our verticals. For Enterprise, a typical scenario would be to build and deploy an accelerated secured WAN between the headquarters and all branch offices. This would allow the near real-time collaboration and sharing of files among different platforms and departments. These files are typically often referenced large DTP and Multimedia files. Education K-12 also mirrors the Enterprise model. The only difference is the size of the shared files. We routinely connect all of the schools to the district office over a high-speed secured WAN. Our PC and Mac security expertise and certifications are invaluable as every school district that we service is cross-platform integrated. For Education collegiate, our focus is on providing cross-platform security and license compliance per respective vendor. Security and license compliance is also the main focus for our government vertical. Our newly supported medical vertical combines all the best features of all our consulting practices and additionally delivers medical imaging and fluency in privacy statutes and compliance.

While our focus on providing cutting-edge consulting services has been North America, we have on occasion and with increasing frequency consulted for our clients in establishing an overseas IT presence and for foreign national corporations that need a North American IT presence. It is no coincidence that nearly every employee here is native near-native bilingual and multilingual. We fully understand the compliancy, localizing and archiving of foreign data.